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A form of yoga that uses calming breathing practices (pranayama), a series of postures (asanas) and a meditation practice that incorporates the first two elements. This type of yoga assists peoplein balancing the body and the mind. It is appropriate for people of all ages and body shapes, including people who are overweight or incapacitated in other ways. It helps to calm minds and increase flexibility and strength.


Dynamic sequence of yoga postures that combine power and flexibility with movement, bandhas(locks), breath and concentration. Students are guided through Sun Solutations A and B, postures of the Primary series and finishing sequences.


This mat-based Pilates class works the core muscles of the body, including the deeper muscles of the abdominals, the back, buttocks and shoulder blades. The Pilates exercises stretch and strengthen your muscles in a non-impact and controlled manner.


Designed to focus on core strength and increasing your lean muscle mass. It will also shape and tone major muscles in your body.


Hatha Flow is about descovering the infinite range within our finite body. Postures or asanas that involve various body movements such as forward bending, lateral bending, twists and inversions are taught in a flowing sequence.


Power yoga uses a rigorous sequence of flowing, fast-moving poses to improve coordination and flexibility. You will build stability, strength and stamina as we introduce balance poses, inversions and back bends.