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Challenging class using a combination of high and low impact moves. This class will improve your fitness level and burn calories thus helping you to lose body fat.


A variation of line dancing with the usage of the latest hits.


A kind of partnerless dance in which the dancers stand side by side in a line or lines and perform, in unison, a series of set, often complex, steps to various kinds of popular music.


Cardio dance incorporate the use of repetitive movement to music. This type of exercise offers a way to make fitness more enjoyable. Dance offers many benefits to the body including elevating heart rate, increasing flexibility, toning and burning fat.


A fitness program inspired by Latin dance. It combines Latin rhythms with cardiovascular exercise to create an aerobic routine that is fun and easy to follow.


Get the blood moving with an invigorating total body warm-up. Easy movements, drawn from Middle Eastern Dance, will inspire (and work) your heart and body. Variation will be shown to help accommodate your desired level of impact and cardiovascular challenge. Your whole outlook will change when you shake, shimmy and undulate.


A hip-hop dance fitness class uses moves from urban, street and popular culture, set to classic to contemporary hip-hop and rap music. Most moves are performed on the upbeat opposed to the downbeat, giving hip-hop a loose yet sharp look. This workout is nonstop movement that engages every muscle in your body and requires major core strength, which will help tone and sculpt your stomach.


Get in the groove & learn the moves you see on MTV or concerts. This high energy class uses funky patterns and variations, combining R&B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, and even Latin dance movements to make it challenging, cool and fun!