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Personal Training


At Gorgeous Fitness, we're dedicated to help you customizing a training to suit and achieve your personal fitness goals - whether through giving FREE Fitness Assessment to members about building muscle tone, managing your weight, getting into shape, our trainer will design a tailor made program to help you achieving your goal!


Gorgeous Fitness clubs offer a Personal Training service, which optimize your time by monitoring the intensity of your exercise to enabling our members to take the direct route to maximum results. Our personal trainers are certified professionals who specialise in different areas such as weight management, injury rehabilitation, sports specifics training, nutrition and flexibility training. Your personal trainer will ensure and monitor the right posture and technique of lifting weight and using fitness equipment each time you workout, making your time more efficient and fun. The benefits of being fit and healthy are immediate. The experience of taking your fitness to a new level will have a positive effect in your whole life.


Professional Fitness Intructor