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Fitness Profile



What is Fitness Profile?


Everyone's fitness goals are different, that's why Gorgeous Fitness offers you the ability to develop a profile of your fitness requirements that will get you the best results, whatever your aspirations are. A unique and effective revolutionary approach, measuring exercise intensity typically your heart rate to maximize your body's ability. Your fitness profile makes a difference in how fit you are. It will help you set reasonable goals and track your progress in a fairly objective manner.


A profile consist out of 4 SESSIONS is designed to help you who are working towards your fitness goals. Gaining invaluable self-knowledge which you can use to build on your personal strengths to develop a customized training program and coaching approach.


After 6-8 weeks individuals will accustomed to 2 SESSIONS of REASSESMENT to set reasonable goals, track your progress in a fairly objective manner to ensure RESULTS!



Assessment:                                Training:


1 Session of:                                                        3 Sessions of:       

- Health Screening                                                                      - Customized Circuit Training Routine

- Body Composition

- Blood Pressure

- Resting Vitals

- Muscular Strength Test

- Muscular Endurance Test

- Cardiovascular Fitness Test

- Flexibility